Who we are?

Elhamia Company for Inspection and Conformity, an independent company established in 2018 in Tripoli, Libya.

We have follow-up offices inside and outside Libya, where we provide inspection services and industrial quality control in accordance with international rules adopted in Libya and international standards and are inspected at various production sites from the spot on all goods, goods and products outside and inside Libya.

We also provide excellent services that enable us to deal with all types of tasks in a fast and accurate time and has a cadre of specialized inspectors with high efficiency and extensive experience in all fields in accordance with the best practices in place.


Our Vision

Develop the economic movement through the highest international standards and standards in the field of inspection and conformity.


Our Message

We pledge to provide professional and prestigious services to ensure full commitment to customer requirements and do our best to maintain our reputation.


Our Goal

Vocational in work and to provide inspection, control and conformity services to all industries in accordance with international standards adopted in Libya as a neutral party to serve our valued customers and in accordance with the directions and legislation of the State concerning inspection and quality control services.

Our Services

The company provides inspection services at all levels locally and globally in most countries of the world to inspect all products in accordance with the standards of quality management systems in accordance with the international standards ISO-9001 and inspection bodies in accordance with international standards ISO-17020 and include many products:

Chemical and petrochemical products

Laboratories, testing labs, and teaching aids

Medical and dental equipment

Medicines and medical supplies

Food and Foodstuff

Agricultural products and grains

Electrical and electronic products

Computer and communication equipment

Household wares

All types of machinery, spare parts and other industrial equipment

Heavy equipment and cranes and trucks

o Poultry equipment and agricultural inputs include fertilizers

Firefighting equipments

Oil products

Metals, raw materials and their products

Wood and Furniture

Marble, ceramics and construction materials

Textiles, leather goods and garments

Contact Us


Libya Branch

Address: Tripoli – Abu-Sitta, behind the Planetariums

+218 21 722 2621
+218 92 022 2224
+218 91 944 9999
Sunday - Thursday, 8:00-16:00


Tunisia Branch

Address: Tunis - Bureau A2, 8 rue Mohamed Badra, 1002

+216 71 905 160
+216 21 353 506
+216 21 500 163
Monday - Friday, 8:30-17:00




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